Friday, March 28, 2014

Thing 4~Keeping Up

I chose Zite for this Thing and I have to say that I love it! Once I got some favorite topics on it and started using it regularly, it really started to give me interesting articles. I like that it combines different types of content (articles, blog posts, etc). At first I couldn't figure out the RSS feeds, but I think that is working now too. I've mostly been using it for personal interests, but I could see it being helpful for professional use as well, especially children's services.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Thing 3~Utilities

This has been a tough one for me. I already use the calculator app on my control panel, so that was out. I had downloaded Red Laser when I first got my iPhone and although I thought it seemed really cool, I never ended up using it much. I have two little kids who frequently accompany me to the store. If I started scanning stuff and trying to figure out where I was going to get the best deal on everything? Well, let's just say things would spiral downward pretty quickly. I also downloaded the QR reader at one point and never used it. I'm happy with Safari, so that left the iHome alarm clock. Sounds like a good idea, right? In the end, though, it didn't seem to offer me much that my regular iPhone alarm doesn't already do. It did illuminate a big problem, though. I don't have any music on my phone. Embarrassing, and I don't really know why. I have an old iPod with music on it that my son now uses. My husband has one too, but I haven't really figured out how to create different playlists for different devices on iTunes. Honestly, I haven't actually tried very hard. It's one of those things that is perpetually on my to-do list. Sigh.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Thing 2~ Mobile Device Tips

I watched some of the videos on iOS 7 and did learn some new things about my iPad/iPhone.  It even inspired me to check out a Missing Manual iPad book because I'm pretty sure there are plenty more things that I don't know about my device!

New things I've been using so far: time stamp on text messages, control panel, photo editing, and bold print.  It got me thinking a little, though.  My husband, among others, is always complaining about how Apple products are supposed to be so intuitive yet he finds them difficult to navigate.  I love my iPhone and wouldn't want to change to anything else.  I can see, though, that the quest for simplicity and a clean screen sometimes means that things are somewhat hidden.  Luckily, they seem to be "hidden" the same way across most apps.  I think it comes down to what you get used to and just re-enforces the importance of learning more about your own device.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Thing 1~ Blogging

It's official.  I'm registering for 23 Mobile Things and writing my first blog post. I came across my old blog for 23 Things on a Stick. Sadly, I only completed Things 1 and 2. I'm hoping that this time around I'll be able to stick with it and complete all 23!

What do I hope to get out of the program?  I'd like to learn some things I can apply professionally. More than ever, my job involves showing people how to use technology and I need to have experience using it in order teach others.  Reading about it, or watching someone else is not enough. Of course, I'm also excited to find some fun things to use in my personal life!

~On to the next Thing :)